Séminaire du Prof TAY Beng Kang

Le 30 novembre de 9h à 11h30, (salle de conférences de XLIM) le professeur TAY Beng Kang de la Nanyang Technological University of Singapore donnera une conférence qui sera comptabilisée comme une formation spécialisée.

Tite de la conférence:

« The Evolution and Impacts of Filtered Cathodic Vacuum Arc (FCVA) Technology : application to the growth of carbon nanostructures »


The Filtered Cathodic Vaccum Arc (FCVA) is a coating technology 30 years in the making, with Professor Tay’s team making one of the most significant contributions in recent history by adding in the Off Plane Double Plane (OPDB) filter. It is this filter which eliminated one of the most nagging issue with the FCVA (micro-particles) and enable it to be finally commercialised and used in various industries including optics and memory storage medias. With the introduction of the OPDB-FCVA, new generations of material could now also be synthesis through careful combination of ionic energy control and ion species integration. This is especially true of carbon based materials. The range of carbon that can be prepared using the FCVA is very extensive and includes everything from amorphous carbons (such as Ta-C and glassy carbon) to semi-crystalline carbon. (such as textured-C). Of late, hybrids carbons formed from the combination different form of carbons (and other materials) are also been developed using the FCVA. Interesting combination hybrids includes CNT with a-C to form the carbon nano-mattress and CNT with graphene to form pillared structures. These and many more aspects of the FCVA will be discussed in the seminar.

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