Séminaire MEMS RF à Toulouse

The 9th International Summer School on RF-MEMS and RFMicrosystems, organized by the Topical Group on RF MEMS of the European Microwave Association (EuMA®), aspires to continue the successful series of events started in 2004*. The purpose of this School is to transfer and exchange knowledge on Micro and NanoSystems for RF applications, through a number of tutorials presented by experts from worldwide leading organizations. The eventis open to academia, research institutions,and industrial organizations. Lectures will cover the following themes:

– Introduction to RF Micro and Nano-Systems Technology

– M/NEMS Silicon and Non Silicon Processing and Materials

– RF and MultiphysicDesign and Modelling

– Reliability and Failures Analysis

– Micro and Nano-characterization

– Reconfigurable architectures

– Packaging and assembly

Cette école d’été sera validée pour 4 crédits de l’ED S2IM

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2013 School RF-MEMS -Toulouse


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