Fibres fonctionnalisées pour laser de puissance à sortie multiples pour l’usinage à haut rendement

Fibre lasers are resolutely entering the market of high-power lasers, demonstrating many advantages among which efficiency, compactness, thermal management and beam quality but also some drawback due to the huge confinement of light in fibre core. Currently, states of art fibre lasers demonstrate attractive performances but they are commonly based on rod-type fibres. Consequently, free-space propagation is required (this poses reliability problems), minimum length of strait fibre is close to 1 m (incompatible with compactness) and fibre cost has a strong impact on laser one. Laser products have to be packaged in bulky containers decreasing their ability to be integrated into industrial laser tools dedicated to engraving or machining.We believe that a focused approach on discrete components is not sufficient to create relevant improvements in this field of activities, especially for the compactness, a global approach consisting in a joint development of laser architecture and functionalized both discrete components and fibres is mandatory and will be the main objectives of this thesis. Main improvements will be compactness, reliability, low cost, while keeping high beam quality and high average power. The experimental demonstration of laser prototypes using these new low-cost fibres and components will conclude the thesis.

Contact: Philippe Roy


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